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Bullion Review: April 28th – May 3rd

Discover the most important news in the bullion market this week.

1. Broken Silver Market About to Reverse

April 26, 2019

Legendary whistleblower Andrew Maguire has exposed what is really happening with the gold and silver markets this week and has some very interesting news for silver:

The unprecedented backwardations that we saw in silver right into option expiry, witnessed up to a 6 cent discount in the futures market vs cash. The only real price (that matters) is the cash price for silver, and if that is 6 cents higher than the May contract, which is about to roll of the board, and it’s not being arbitraged, then it tells you that this market (silver) is broken…There has been virtually no silver for sale sub-$15 in the cash market of any size whatsoever.  So silver is about to rise and is about to breach…

Let’s hope the timing is right for sure!



2. Proof the US Economy is Rapidly Slowing Down

April 29, 2019

If you needed even more proof that the US economy is rapidly slowing down, you might find this stat interesting.  Nearly 102 million Americans don’t have a job.

What you might not realise is the number of unemployed Americans today is actually higher than it was during the 2008-2009 recession. Alarming? Absolutely.  But you won’t hear about it anywhere. This just shows the depths of manipulation by the old USA!



3. Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Shares Interesting Insights Into the Price of Gold – Will Gold go Into “Backwardation”?

April 30, 2019

In this article Salinas shares his predictions for Gold.  Comparing the Central Bank Monetary Reserves in 2014 and 2019, he speculates on how the total Monetary Reserves of the Central Banks have decreased by $479 Billion since August 2014.  This is surprising given that the total dollar amount of US trade deficits from August 2014 – Feburary 2019 amounted to $3.603 Trillion US Dollars.

Paper Reserves In Central Banks Graph
Paper Reserves In Central Banks

He concludes that:

…a change of this enormous magnitude cannot possibly be the result of “market forces”. I have to attribute this great change, to deliberate decisions on the part of the great exporting powers of the world, to stem the growth of their CB Monetary Reserves.



4. Gold and Silver: The Most Undervalued Assets

May 1, 2019

Gregory Mannarino, founder of TraderChoice.net shares the following in the below video:

Physical gold, and more specifically physical silver, are the greatest trades on earth. They are the most undervalued and suppressed assets on earth. They are real wealth, and they have represented real wealth for thousands of years.  No amount of rigging will be able to stop the explosive move that gold and silver will make at some point.

He suggests that we need to understand that right now, gold and silver are in an inverse bubble. To be on the right side of the trade, he suggests to become your own central bank and buy hard assets like gold and silver.



5. Durden Reveals the Worrying Composition of the US Budget Deficit That Few People Realise

May 1, 2019

Looking at a recent presentation from the Treasury to the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, the projections highlight a big red flag that is due to start in 2024 – the primary deficit drops to zero and US debt issuance will be used to fund the US net interest expense:

OMB borrowing projections 1


This is a problematic sign of a “Minsky Moment” where the “US will enter the penultimate, Ponzi Finance, phase – the one in which all the new debt issuance is used to fund only interest on the debt – some time around in 2024.”

Minsky Moment USA


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