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1 oz 2020 Australian Kangaroo Silver Bullion Coin
1 oz 2020 Australian Kangaroo Silver Bullion Coin

1 oz 2020 Australian Kangaroo Silver Bullion Coin

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Mint: Perth Mint
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Denomination: 1 AUD
Design: Red Kangaroo
Country: Australia
Condition: Brand New
Designer: Jody Clark
Composition: Silver
Weight (grams): 31.107
Weight (troy/oz): 1
Purity (%): 99.99
Thickness (mm): 3.21
Diameter (mm): 40.6
10 +
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Product Description:

Each coin is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965, the undisputed guarantee of its weight and purity. Internationally recognised and Highly Liquid.

The Australian kangaroo is a large marsupial endemic to Australia. Identified by its muscular tail, strong back legs, large feet, short fur, and long, pointed ears, the animal has become a much-loved national icon.

Reverse: the silver kangaroo coin depicts the classic artistry of a bounding red kangaroo surrounded by rays of sunlight. The inscription AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO, The Perth Mints P mintmark, the 2020 year-date, and the weight and purity are also included in the design.

A security feature in the form of a micro-laser engraved letter within the design. It is only detectable under a magnifying glass.