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Australian Proclamation Coins

  • Historical coins from Colonial Australia
  • Live market prices
  • Available to purchase 24/7

Australian Proclamation coins are coins of the first fleet – they were brought on board various ships on their way to Australia. You can find proclamation coins from the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, India, various south American countries and of course England. These coins were the first currency of the new colony of Australia with the third Governor of NSW, Phillip Gidley King declaring them as legal tender. These coins serve as an important part of Australian history and are a great addition for a collector who has a keen interest in this part of history.

Official coins recognised by the Proclamation

In November 1800, Governor King of the colony of New South Wales issued a Proclamation which stated that only certain foreign coins could be used in the colony, and they would have fixed values from then on. Previously, coins from all over the world had been used in colonial Australia due to the high numbers of foreign traders visiting the colonies.
From the Proclamation onwards, the only coins which were recognised in NSW were:

  • Great Britain: Gold Guinea, Silver Shilling, Cartwheel Copper Penny
  • Spain (and Spanish colonies): Silver 8 Reales
  • Netherlands: Gold Ducat, Silver Guilder
  • Portugal: Gold Johanna, Gold Half Johanna
  • India: Gold Pagoda, Silver Rupee

These were each given an Australian value slightly higher than they had in their home countries, to address the coin shortage in Australia’s colonies at that time.
Proclamation coins were only recognised until 1829 when the English Pound officially became the legal currency of all Australian colonies.

As the market was flooded with English coins from 1825 onwards, Proclamation coins became increasingly rare from this time. Today, they are valuable collectors’ items and an important part of Australian history.

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Ways to buy Proclamation coins

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