Gold -$9.52 -0.36%
$2,634.87 AUD
7 day trend
Silver $0.10 0.34%
$30.51 AUD
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Platinum -$5.99 -0.46%
$1,303.24 AUD
7 day trend
Palladium $42.19 1.59%
$2,689.38 AUD
7 day trend
Rhodium -$141.14 -0.7%
$20,162.74 AUD
7 day trend
AUD/USD 0.0042 0.61%
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  • Rare pieces of ancient history
  • Highly desirable collectors’ items
  • Best market prices

Everything we enjoy about the modern world would not have been possible without the innovations of the ancient civilisations. From science to literature and politics, the Ancient Greeks and Romans had an influence so profound that we still see their echoes everywhere today.

From these early societies through to the discoveries and creations of the Middle Ages, the lives of our forefathers have shaped our own society and paved the way for us to continue learning, inventing, and challenging the boundaries of possibility.

This is why ancient historical finds are so exciting and important. They give us clues about how our ancestors lived, and help us paint a picture of society hundreds of years ago.

KJC is proud to bring you a varied and valuable collection of ancient coins and artefacts, enabling you to own a special piece of a history long past that will continue to be celebrated far into the future.

A highly prized collection of ancient coins

Our collection of ancient coins is a real treasure. Featuring some of the earliest examples of coinage from the Archaic and Classical periods, our rare coins from Ancient Greece date from several hundred years BC.

We also offer fine examples of coinage and rare artefacts from Ancient Rome, whose empire followed directly on from Ancient Greek civilisation. Many of the traditions and practices from this time formed the basis of modern society as we know it. These artefacts give us a unique insight into the lives of these early societies and bring history to life in a tangible form.

Own a piece of ancient history for yourself

KJC is in the fortunate position of being able to offer you coins and artefacts from the ancient civilisations to own at affordable prices. As an independent, privately owned company, we have no restrictions on the products we can sell or the prices we can offer, making it easier than ever before for you to own an important piece of history.
With live market updates each minute, we can bring you the best possible prices, and you can reserve your items with a deposit of just 10 percent. The balance can then be paid at a later stage.

It’s quick, easy, and completely secure to purchase ancient coins and artefacts online with us, and our online ordering system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can make your purchases at any time convenient for you.
However, if you would like more advice before purchasing, our specialist team are happy to speak to you on 1300 844 018, Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.00pm. You can also visit us in person at our dealership in the heart of Sydney CBD. We are open 10am - 4.30pm on selected business days throughout the year.  Check our online calendar here for days open.

Browse our collection of ancient coins and artefacts here.